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Buy—Don’t Hold: Investing with ETFs

Using Relative Strength to Increase Returns with Less Risk

By Leslie N. Masonson

Why Buy-and-Hold Doesn’t Work Anymore–and What to Do Instead!

Every few years, like clockwork, devastating bear markets decimate buy-and-hold portfolios. In the last decade, they’ve wiped out 50% of investor portfolio values…not once, but twice. Millions of investors have been forced to delay retirement, postpone funding college education for their children and grandchildren, and defer life’s many joys. You can’t afford to be invested during these inevitable, massive declines–and you don’t have to be.

In Buy–DON’T Hold, financial consultant Leslie N. Masonson introduces an easy-to-use investing strategy that delivers better returns with less risk than buy-and-hold.

Masonson shows you how to regain control over your portfolios using low-cost, diverse ETFs se­lected with his unique Stock Market Dashboard. You’ll learn how to reliably identify market bottoms and tops, so you know exactly when to get in and out. When it’s time to buy, Masonson helps you choose the most suitable ETF market segments with the maximum profit opportunity. He spells out exactly when you need to sell, as well, to protect your hard-earned cash.

Whether you’re a conservative, moderate, or aggressive investor, Masonson presents specific investing approaches customized for you–so you can meet your goals in bull and bear markets alike.

As a self-directed investor you will:

  • Assess whether you are a conservative, moderate, or aggressive investor and how to allocate your portfolio
  • Avoid market downturns that will demolish your hard-earned gains, again and again
  • Learn how to interpret and use the powerful and accurate Stock Market Dashboard
  • Eight “go/no-go” indicators that identify major market shifts in time to act

  • Benefit from the many advantages of investing in a select group of ETFs
    …and how to make them work even better for you
  • Learn how to select the right sectors at the right time
  • Mastering the powerful relative strength analysis technique

  • Use ETFs with momentum to improve your returns with reduced risk in any market conditions
  • Put the entire investing progam together
  • Your personal investing plan: a six-step roadmap for success

Table of Contents



About the Author


Chapter 1: The Stock Market Roller Coaster

Chapter 2: Understanding the Concept of Risk

Chapter 3: Personal Investing Plan: Six-Step Road Map to Success

Chapter 4: Exchange-Traded Funds–The Most Suitable Investment Vehicles

Chapter 5: The Stock Market Dashboard–Key Stock Market Indicators to Gauge the Market’s Direction

Chapter 6: Using Relative Strength Analysis to Determine Where to Invest

Chapter 7: Subscription Software for Ranking the ETF Universe

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together



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